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“Adele gave my daughter the tools to decipher language, and then reading became a pleasure again…”

“Up to Grade 4, my daughter loved to read. Then she read less and less, and by the time she was in Grade 6, the teacher felt my daughter was having difficulty. She had help in Special Needs, but still flagged when it came to reading and writing. We approached Adele Sherman and [began working […]

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“I spent 10 years looking for solutions to my children’s learning issues before finding Adele. She was able to achieve what no other program, individual or centre could.”

“I have two daughters, the younger of whom has an auditory processing deficit while my older daughter has inattentive ADD and auditory and visual learning disabilities. I have been dealing with these issues since my older daughter was 7 years old. It has been a tremendously long road that has taken us to numerous “specialists” and fortunately, two years ago Adele Sherman was recommended to me.”

“Adele worked with both my daughters with great success. I can’t get over the impact her work has had on them. She was able to achieve what no other program, individual or centre could. She helped both my daughters significantly increase their reading comprehension and writing skills, and significantly improve their success academically. It is wonderful for me to finally feel that I had the right help for my girls. Life would be very different without [our] having met Adele. I cannot express our appreciation for her continued support and commitment to the girls.” […]

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“I cannot recommend Adele Sherman highly enough…..she saved our child.”

“In grade 4 our son was struggling in the classroom and while borderline, his teacher felt he would benefit from a brief placement in an LD class. The school promised that with the additional help available to LD students, he would prosper and quickly be mainstreamed again. Sadly, this was not the case. […]

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“In the early grades my daughter managed to keep up at school with extra help, but by Grade 6 she fell behind.”

“Adele has made an enormous impact on my daughter’s reading comprehension, speed, spelling and enjoyment of reading. She has helped in mathematics and these interventions have helped my daughter will all her subjects.”

“My daughter was slow to read and disinterested in reading when she started school. She also had problems memorizing her multiplication tables. She was assessed by a psychologist when she was in Grade 2 and was diagnosed with a mild form of ADHD and she fatigued easily. In the early grades she did manage to keep up at school with extra help, but by Grade 6 she fell behind. She was assessed again and diagnosed with poor “working memory” and although she excelled in some areas, her reading was far below grade.” […]

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“From failure to the head of her classes. . .”

“Tiffany had been diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder which had inhibited her capacity to learn. She required in-depth tutoring in order to bring her education skills up to the level of other children her age. She was a non-reader, was having difficulty with basic number concepts and displayed many gaps in vocabulary […]

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“After three months, Olivia re-entered her school’s language curriculum with confidence.”

“At the end of grade 5, my daughter’s language difficulties were beginning to cause problems in subjects such as math, science and social studies. Diagnosed previously with a mild learning disability, specifically one of language comprehension underpinned by weak reading skills, Olivia was offered little or no support at her school and was showing […]

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“Without Adele’s expertise and individualized help, Sam would still be slipping under the radar and be ill equipped for post-secondary education . . .”

“When I contacted Adele my son, who was going into Grade 6, was having difficulty in reading and writing although his teacher assured me that he was performing above class average. I took him to Adele and through her testing, she found that my son was operating at a Grade 3.5 level in both reading and writing. The school that he was attending believed that he was operating above the class average and required no testing. I contacted Adele to help identify if Sam had a learning disability or just a learning difference.”

“Under her care, Sam entered Grade 7 as an 80% student in all subjects. The effective quick response enabled Sam to take on leadership roles at school with his new-found confidence. Sam continues to be an honours student at school.” […]

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“With the help of Adele, my children were able to overcome and conquer their learning challenges…”

“My eldest child was diagnosed by Adele with a phonemic awareness learning disability. She was unable to read except through memorization. Through working with Adele my daughter learned to read and became a voracious reader…Working with Adele was also able to overcome his disability and learn to read.”

“The children had a challenge, not […]

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