Some students have great difficulty learning to read and/or becoming proficient, fluent readers. Neuralign, a unique, computer-based, brain enhancing intervention, stimulates and connects the different areas of the brain involved in the reading process. Based on brain plasticity and using game-based learning, Neuralign provides a series of exercises which result in the formation of new neural connections and the development of the underlying processing skills essential for reading success, Neuralign targets the root causes of reading difficulties.

Neuralign can be used alone in less severe cases.  Where students are experiencing greater difficulty, Neuralign compliments other methodologies, thereby speeding up the student’s learning progress.

Since brain imaging has shown that poor readers’ brains are wired differently, the Neuralign program’s ability to change the brain by making new connections and cross-linking relevant cognitive centres, can have a great impact on a learner’s ability to overcome his/her reading difficulty.  

Administration: The Neuralign program consists of 40 hours of targeted reading intervention. It is administered in two phases: fifteen one-hour sessions over 3 to 5 weeks followed by another 5 sessions per week (about 20 minutes per session) for 10 weeks, 

BenefitsThe first phase focuses on neural development while the second phase focuses on consolidating the new connections and improving reading fluency and comprehension.

In addition to increasing reading skills, other areas targeted include auditory processing, visual processing, tracking, and working memory.

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