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Students are under so much pressure to succeed.  Learning abilities have never been as important as in today’s competitive educational and work environments.  But what do you do if you have learning challenges that prevent you from reaching your maximum potential?  At LearnAbility, we help children, teens and adults succeed by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to maximize their potential and allow them to be the best learners they can be.

How We Help

Our Advantage

At LearnAbility, our advantage is two-fold.

First, rather than being part of a larger, more impersonal learning or tutoring centre, we offer the benefit of individualized educational therapy designed to directly address your child’s specific learning issues or disabilities.  Working one-on-one in a safe, supportive environment, we offer the ideal conditions for optimal and focused learning development.

Second, by utilizing up-to-date science- based cognitive and skills development programs, LearnAbility gets to the heart of learning dysfunctions and offers the expertise and tools necessary to overcome them.

These advantages have achieved success for students at LearnAbility, where other methods have proved unsuccessful.

Success Stories
Children Sitting in a Circle
“I am so much happier because I can read. . .After working with Adele, when I’m reading I notice a big improvement. It’s so exciting to be able to read. It’s just great! I am so much happier because I can read. It’s such a relief when I can read the words and figure out the meaning of the text”
Alex, Grade 6 student
“My daughter has become an avid reader. . .She always has her nose in a book. The year with you…sure paid off…She made it onto the Honour Roll. This year…she seems to be doing significantly better over all, and I am certain it is because of all the time she spent with you.”
Parent of 10 year old girl
“I have received substantially higher marks as well as a new courage for reading as well as writing . . .It turns out I was missing many key building blocks in reading and writing. After working with Adele my reading and writing has improved greatly.”
Zach, Grade 7 student
“Adele is one of the most caring and kind people I have ever met. . .Before I came to Adele, I struggled a lot. I was very uncomfortable, upset, angry and embarrassed by my struggles. Now, I can read things once and understand it almost right away.”
Linda, Grade 10 student
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