“Up to Grade 4, my daughter loved to read. Then she read less and less, and by the time she was in Grade 6, the teacher felt my daughter was having difficulty. She had help in Special Needs, but still flagged when it came to reading and writing. We approached Adele Sherman and [began working with her on a number] of programs. It was as if Adele gave her the tools to decipher language, and then reading became a pleasure again. I am grateful to Adele, and would heartily recommend her skills. In addition to pinpointing the programs my daughter needed, Adele had the sensitivity to understand the emotional turmoil a child can feel when going through tutoring sessions.”

– S.S. Parent of grade 6 student

“I have two daughters, the younger of whom has an auditory processing deficit while my older daughter has inattentive ADD and auditory and visual learning disabilities. I have been dealing with these issues since my older daughter was 7 years old. It has been a tremendously long road that has taken us to numerous “specialists” and fortunately, two years ago Adele Sherman was recommended to me.”

“Adele worked with both my daughters with great success. I can’t get over the impact her work has had on them. She was able to achieve what no other program, individual or centre could. She helped both my daughters significantly increase their reading comprehension and writing skills, and significantly improve their success academically. It is wonderful for me to finally feel that I had the right help for my girls. Life would be very different without [our] having met Adele. I cannot express our appreciation for her continued support and commitment to the girls.”

“Without her intervention, my older daughter would not have been able to go to university. I cannot imagine how different my daughter’s academic life would have been had she had the opportunity of working with Adele when her problems were first identified back in public school.”

“Despite her good grades, my other daughter constantly struggled at school. She was completely tutor dependent and was always stressed by the demands of school. The educational psychologist who identified her learning disability recommended “strategies” that just masked the problem versus addressing the foundation that was missing to allow her to be an independent learner. Adele immediately identified what she needed and the work my daughter did with her has been transformative.”

“Adele is positive, compassionate, open-minded, collaborative and deeply committed to her students. Furthermore, Adele does not limit herself to a single approach. She formulates a clear plan of action; however if she finds that progress stalls, she looks for other means to break through the barrier and find a solution. This in itself, makes her truly unique.”

“I spent 10 years looking for solutions to my children’s learning issues before finding Adele. After spending much money on ineffective interventions by numerous professionals, Adele was able to identify what they needed and helped them build the fundamental skills that they lacked. I firmly believe that there is no one that comes close to having the commitment, experience or skill set than Adele when it comes to helping kids. She was a tremendous resource for me as a parent.”

“I had told Adele that I wanted to help other parents in my situation find her so that their children could benefit from what she has to offer and avoid the time, emotional drain and expense that our family has endured. I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend her. It is my hope that in doing so, other families will get the help they need.”

– R.B. Parent of two teenage girls

“In grade 4 our son was struggling in the classroom and while borderline, his teacher felt he would benefit from a brief placement in an LD class. The school promised that with the additional help available to LD students, he would prosper and quickly be mainstreamed again. Sadly, this was not the case. He languished in LD for two years with little apparent progress. Not knowing where to turn, we contacted Adele Sherman for help.”

“We could not have been more pleased. After Adele assessed him, it became apparent that he had difficulty reading (a factor totally missed by the school system) as well as language comprehension and that this was a central factor holding him back. He is now in a regular Grade 6 class and is flourishing! I cannot recommend Adele Sherman highly enough — she saved our child.”

– D.M. Parent of grade 6 boy

“Adele has made an enormous impact on my daughter’s reading comprehension, speed, spelling and enjoyment of reading. She has helped in mathematics and these interventions have helped my daughter will all her subjects.”

“My daughter was slow to read and disinterested in reading when she started school. She also had problems memorizing her multiplication tables. She was assessed by a psychologist when she was in Grade 2 and was diagnosed with a mild form of ADHD and she fatigued easily. In the early grades she did manage to keep up at school with extra help, but by Grade 6 she fell behind. She was assessed again and diagnosed with poor “working memory” and although she excelled in some areas, her reading was far below grade.”

“Adele was recommended to us for learning intervention. That turned out to be a wonderful experience for my daughter and my family. Adele is extremely compassionate and patient. She was able to get my daughter to work and concentrate in ways we had never imagined. The change was really quite dramatic. The greatest joy was finding her reading…rather than playing video games.”

“My daughter has gained confidence; Adele was extremely good for her self-esteem. The intense, personal program that Adele offers was invaluable for my daughter and has enabled her to keep up with her grade. I wish we had known about Adele Sherman earlier.”

– E.H. Parent of 11 year old girl

“Tiffany had been diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder which had inhibited her capacity to learn. She required in-depth tutoring in order to bring her education skills up to the level of other children her age. She was a non-reader, was having difficulty with basic number concepts and displayed many gaps in vocabulary and language comprehension.”

“Thanks to Adele’s efforts in teaching my daughter how to learn, and most importantly by strengthening her weak underlying areas, Tiffany has developed the ability to learn new concepts, take on challenging workloads and been driven to the head of her classes.” “This past year Tiffany has been a straight “A” student while earning awards for community service, participating in school plays, and being a member of sports teams and school clubs. It is because of Adele’s effort at such a young age that she is the successful, confident, intelligent and well respected person that she is today.”

– J. A. Parent of 15 year old girl.

“At the end of grade 5, my daughter’s language difficulties were beginning to cause problems in subjects such as math, science and social studies. Diagnosed previously with a mild learning disability, specifically one of language comprehension underpinned by weak reading skills, Olivia was offered little or no support at her school and was showing signs of stress.”

“At the recommendation of the school’s principal, we approached Adele Sherman, who gave our daughter a series of tests to pinpoint where the problems lay. For the next three months, Adele worked with my daughter on reading, spelling and comprehension programs. These programs gradually helped Olivia develop skills to approach language more confidently, encouraged her to ask more questions when she didn’t understand and helped her become a more active learner.”

“In my mind, nothing beats concentrated, one-on-one coaching and certainly this has made all the difference with Olivia. Adele created a welcoming, positive and nurturing atmosphere where much learning gets done. Olivia was always happy to go and felt herself that she was learning and improving. This was a fruitful relationship and after three months, Olivia has re-entered her school’s language curriculum with confidence. I would heartily recommend the skills of Adele Sherman and appreciate the success she has been able to achieve with my daughter.”

– G.C. Parent of grade 6 student

“When I contacted Adele my son, who was going into Grade 6, was having difficulty in reading and writing although his teacher assured me that he was performing above class average. I took him to Adele and through her testing, she found that my son was operating at a Grade 3.5 level in both reading and writing. The school that he was attending believed that he was operating above the class average and required no testing. I contacted Adele to help identify if Sam had a learning disability or just a learning difference.”

“Under her care, Sam entered Grade 7 as an 80% student in all subjects. The effective quick response enabled Sam to take on leadership roles at school with his new-found confidence. Sam continues to be an honours student at school.”

“Adele changed the outcome of Sam’s entire academic experience.

[I believe] each child requires a specialized program to address his or her personal education needs. Without her expertise and individualized help, Sam would still be slipping under the radar and be ill equipped for post-secondary education. In addition, Sam would be receiving poor grades that would cause him to have self-esteem issues and bar him from entry into many post-secondary programs with his peers.”

– L.R. Parent of grade 6 boy

“My eldest child was diagnosed by Adele with a phonemic awareness learning disability. She was unable to read except through memorization. Through working with Adele my daughter learned to read and became a voracious reader…Working with Adele [my son] was also able to overcome his disability and learn to read.”

“The children had a challenge, not being able to read, but with the help of Adele and a lot of hard work on their part, they were able to overcome and conquer the challenge. This experience at a very young age has translated into all aspects of their life; they now know that they can overcome any obstacle with hard work and sometimes a bit of help. Their work with Adele allowed them to overcome the disability and become much better people from the experience.”

– J. L. Parent of a 6 year old girl and 5 year old boy