What is Educational Therapy?

Unlike tutoring which provides homework help and assistance with grade-level content and materials, educational therapy addresses the underlying fundamental skills or “building blocks” essential for successful learning.  Oftentimes these core processing skills may have been delayed in early development and/or missed being learned or taught at school.

In the same way as a house needs a solid foundation upon which to build a strong structure, educational therapy ensures that a student’s learning foundation is developed and strong, before layering on higher level language and math skills.

If these fundamental processes and skills are not fully in place, children, teens and even adults can be plagued by lifelong struggles with reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and numeracy skills.

When these important “building blocks” of learning are in place, it is like a key unlocking a door – allowing entry to a world where an individual can read, write, spell and calculate with ease and proficiency, to the best of his or her potential.

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Why is Educational Therapy Important?
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