Why is Educational Therapy Important?

For kids with learning disabilities or learning issues, it’s not simply a matter of “not paying attention”, “not trying hard enough”, etc.  They may truly not be “getting it”, regardless of how much they listen or how hard they work.  For parents and educators, this may also require a shift in our own understanding and perspective in order to support and advocate for these children.  We first must look at and understand why and then determine how best to teach them.

Certain core processing skills if absent or weak may perpetually hinder a students’ ability to learn, if not addressed.  At the younger grade levels, this may not seem as imperative.  However, as a student moves up to the higher grade levels (and onto post-secondary education), the difficulty will compound exponentially because he/she will have to deal with more complex, difficult material which will demand higher level reading and comprehension skills.

In the case of reading difficulties (such as dyslexia), if a student is unable to read or read well, they will forever struggle because they lack the core reading skills that are required not only in language subjects but in virtually all other subject areas as well.

In deciding whether and how to address their child’s learning issues, parents and educators need to look beyond immediate school functioning and also consider the impact on future work opportunities and overall life management skills.

At LearnAbility our approach  is to strengthen each student’s learning foundation and fill in the gaps. Our ultimate purpose is to enable every student to manage with assurance on his/her own.  Instead of giving children a learning “crutch”, we teach them to “walk on both legs”, confidently in school and into the future.