The Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a computer-based program that helps children and adults improve focus and attention, coordination, memory, planning and processing speed.

Benefits: Interactive Metronome® helps participants improve their cognitive and motor skills by strengthening the underlying timing mechanism in the brain. Timing has been determined to be an essential factor in:

  • Focusing attention
  • Planning and organization
  • Processing speed
  • Processing speech and language
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading and math fluency
  • Remembering information
  • Motor coordination
  • Controlling impulsivity

By improving the underlying timing in the brain, Interactive Metronome® has resulted in an increased ability to attend and learn.

Interactive Metronome® offers a drug free alternative to standard ADD/ADHD treatment.

It benefts people of all ages.

Administration OptionsDepending on the needs of the student, Interactive Metronome® training is offered in conjunction with other methodologies or as a stand-alone intervention. Training on Interactive Metronome® can be done in-office, at home (with IM-Home®) or in combination.

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