“Adele has made an enormous impact on my daughter’s reading comprehension, speed, spelling and enjoyment of reading. She has helped in mathematics and these interventions have helped my daughter will all her subjects.”

“My daughter was slow to read and disinterested in reading when she started school. She also had problems memorizing her multiplication tables. She was assessed by a psychologist when she was in Grade 2 and was diagnosed with a mild form of ADHD and she fatigued easily. In the early grades she did manage to keep up at school with extra help, but by Grade 6 she fell behind. She was assessed again and diagnosed with poor “working memory” and although she excelled in some areas, her reading was far below grade.”

“Adele was recommended to us for learning intervention. That turned out to be a wonderful experience for my daughter and my family. Adele is extremely compassionate and patient. She was able to get my daughter to work and concentrate in ways we had never imagined. The change was really quite dramatic. The greatest joy was finding her reading…rather than playing video games.”

“My daughter has gained confidence; Adele was extremely good for her self-esteem. The intense, personal program that Adele offers was invaluable for my daughter and has enabled her to keep up with her grade. I wish we had known about Adele Sherman earlier.”

– E.H. Parent of 11 year old girl