“Tiffany had been diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder which had inhibited her capacity to learn. She required in-depth tutoring in order to bring her education skills up to the level of other children her age. She was a non-reader, was having difficulty with basic number concepts and displayed many gaps in vocabulary and language comprehension.”

“Thanks to Adele’s efforts in teaching my daughter how to learn, and most importantly by strengthening her weak underlying areas, Tiffany has developed the ability to learn new concepts, take on challenging workloads and been driven to the head of her classes.” “This past year Tiffany has been a straight “A” student while earning awards for community service, participating in school plays, and being a member of sports teams and school clubs. It is because of Adele’s effort at such a young age that she is the successful, confident, intelligent and well respected person that she is today.”

– J. A. Parent of 15 year old girl.