“I have two daughters, the younger of whom has an auditory processing deficit while my older daughter has inattentive ADD and auditory and visual learning disabilities. I have been dealing with these issues since my older daughter was 7 years old. It has been a tremendously long road that has taken us to numerous “specialists” and fortunately, two years ago Adele Sherman was recommended to me.”

“Adele worked with both my daughters with great success. I can’t get over the impact her work has had on them. She was able to achieve what no other program, individual or centre could. She helped both my daughters significantly increase their reading comprehension and writing skills, and significantly improve their success academically. It is wonderful for me to finally feel that I had the right help for my girls. Life would be very different without

[our] having met Adele. I cannot express our appreciation for her continued support and commitment to the girls.”

“Without her intervention, my older daughter would not have been able to go to university. I cannot imagine how different my daughter’s academic life would have been had she had the opportunity of working with Adele when her problems were first identified back in public school.”

“Despite her good grades, my other daughter constantly struggled at school. She was completely tutor dependent and was always stressed by the demands of school. The educational psychologist who identified her learning disability recommended “strategies” that just masked the problem versus addressing the foundation that was missing to allow her to be an independent learner. Adele immediately identified what she needed and the work my daughter did with her has been transformative.”

“Adele is positive, compassionate, open-minded, collaborative and deeply committed to her students. Furthermore, Adele does not limit herself to a single approach. She formulates a clear plan of action; however if she finds that progress stalls, she looks for other means to break through the barrier and find a solution. This in itself, makes her truly unique.”

“I spent 10 years looking for solutions to my children’s learning issues before finding Adele. After spending much money on ineffective interventions by numerous professionals, Adele was able to identify what they needed and helped them build the fundamental skills that they lacked. I firmly believe that there is no one that comes close to having the commitment, experience or skill set than Adele when it comes to helping kids. She was a tremendous resource for me as a parent.”

“I had told Adele that I wanted to help other parents in my situation find her so that their children could benefit from what she has to offer and avoid the time, emotional drain and expense that our family has endured. I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend her. It is my hope that in doing so, other families will get the help they need.”

– R.B. Parent of two teenage girls