“At the end of grade 5, my daughter’s language difficulties were beginning to cause problems in subjects such as math, science and social studies. Diagnosed previously with a mild learning disability, specifically one of language comprehension underpinned by weak reading skills, Olivia was offered little or no support at her school and was showing signs of stress.”

“At the recommendation of the school’s principal, we approached Adele Sherman, who gave our daughter a series of tests to pinpoint where the problems lay. For the next three months, Adele worked with my daughter on reading, spelling and comprehension programs. These programs gradually helped Olivia develop skills to approach language more confidently, encouraged her to ask more questions when she didn’t understand and helped her become a more active learner.”

“In my mind, nothing beats concentrated, one-on-one coaching and certainly this has made all the difference with Olivia. Adele created a welcoming, positive and nurturing atmosphere where much learning gets done. Olivia was always happy to go and felt herself that she was learning and improving. This was a fruitful relationship and after three months, Olivia has re-entered her school’s language curriculum with confidence. I would heartily recommend the skills of Adele Sherman and appreciate the success she has been able to achieve with my daughter.”

– G.C. Parent of grade 6 student