“When I contacted Adele my son, who was going into Grade 6, was having difficulty in reading and writing although his teacher assured me that he was performing above class average. I took him to Adele and through her testing, she found that my son was operating at a Grade 3.5 level in both reading and writing. The school that he was attending believed that he was operating above the class average and required no testing. I contacted Adele to help identify if Sam had a learning disability or just a learning difference.”

“Under her care, Sam entered Grade 7 as an 80% student in all subjects. The effective quick response enabled Sam to take on leadership roles at school with his new-found confidence. Sam continues to be an honours student at school.”

“Adele changed the outcome of Sam’s entire academic experience.

[I believe] each child requires a specialized program to address his or her personal education needs. Without her expertise and individualized help, Sam would still be slipping under the radar and be ill equipped for post-secondary education. In addition, Sam would be receiving poor grades that would cause him to have self-esteem issues and bar him from entry into many post-secondary programs with his peers.”

– L.R. Parent of grade 6 boy